Annual Fund

Support Art! Silver Eye's Annual Fund!

Silver Eye’s mission is to promote the power of contemporary photography through our exhibition and education programs and our lab. Our programs support and share the work of underrepresented contemporary artists working in photography.

We support artists by lowering barriers to the production of shows with our digital lab, creating new and original exhibitions. Often this is work that is shown for the first time. We create opportunities for artists and art-lovers to gather and connect around photography at talks, symposia, and discussion groups.

Your support enables us to bring powerful art to the public, give a platform to a diversity of creative voices, and celebrate the role of art in each of our lives.

Whether a one-time gift or a monthly contribution, we are grateful for your engagement.

With your help, in 2024 we will continue to bring you thought provoking and emotionally powerful exhibitions, artist talks, and workshops, along with book fairs, publications, screenings, tours, and more!

Contribute to Silver Eye’s Annual Fund and help us champion the most innovative, thoughtful, and important early career voices working in photography, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

A gift of $500 or more gets you membership in the Silver Eye Photo Club, our donor circle that connects you with photography through deep, personal–and fun!–experiences.

For more than forty years, Silver Eye has been a home for photography in Pittsburgh and beyond, supporting emerging and mid-career artists, and our communities and audiences, through exhibitions and other activities. Like many arts centers, we rely on individual donor support to create outstanding programing that is free to the public.  We believe that art is essential to a reflective life, and provides unique opportunities for connection.

Your contribution is tax-deductible.